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Super OZ


Use Super OZ as a degreaser:
Ships Shops Oil Rigs Air Handlers Auto Engines Barges Bathrooms Bilges Concrete Decks Docks
Equipment Engine Rooms Fans Filters Grease Traps Kitchens
Lockers Machinery Molds Motors Oil Rigs Tanks Tires Water Line Scum And morel

Use Super OZ as a cleaner:
Asphalts Metals Tile Appliances Baseboards Cabinets Ceilings Commodes Concrete Counter Tops Floors Fiberglass Grills Latex
Mildew Ovens Plastics Rubber Showers Sinks Steel Tubs Vinyl Vent-a-Hood Walls Woodwork
and more!

Use Super OZ as a dispersant:
Fuel Spills Oil Spills Cuts surface tension of fuels and oils quickly Works on gasoline, diesel, oils and some polar solvents Can be used on roadway spills when in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Super OZ
dissolves grease spots on driveways, cleans engines, lawn mowers, tools, ovens, and out door grills. Excellent as a laundry pre-wash for dirty work clothes, and will
remove pet, cosmetic, and food stains from carpets and upholstery. Can be used in pressure washers and carpet cleaning machine.

Non-flammable, contains no acids, abrasives or petroleum solvents. Authorized by used for cleaning non-food processing areas.

For general cleaning dilute according to chart, spray on lightly, then rub or scrub with a wet brush or sponge and rinse with cold water. For laundry pre-wash, saturate stain and wash immediately. Always test for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.

Manufacturer shall not be liable for any
Consequential or other damage resulting
From product use
  Super OZ Water
Driveways Full Strength  
Engines Full Strength  
Parts Full Strength  
W/W Tires Full Strength  
Car Wash 1 OZ 1 gallon
Exhaust Filters Full Strength  
Stoves 1 1
Wax Remover 1 1
Carpets** 1 3
Exhaust Hoods 1 4
Upholstery 1 4
Counter Tops 1 6
No Wax Floors 1 20
Machinery 1 1
Tools 1 1
Concrete Floors 1 10
Oil Tanks 1 10
Pressure Washers 1 25
Motors 1 4
Transformers 1 5
Turbine Blades 1 5
Laundry Pre-Wash Full Strength  
Barb-Q Grills 1 1
Scuff Marks 1 1
Carpets** 1 3
Fiberglass 1 3
Tub, Tile & Grout 1 5

** Spot carpet cleaning: apply super oz to sponge or brush and wipe surface. Do not saturate. For machines dilute as directed by manufacturer.

Keep away from children.
Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
If swallowed give large quantities of milk.
If contact with eyes occurs, flush thoroughly with water. Call physician
Discoloration may occur on warm/hot aluminum. Rinse immediately from any aluminum, painted or coated surfaces. Not recommended for use on glass. Suede, silk and soft leather.

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