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Personal Protection Kit

Against Bloodborne Pathogens and Other Potentially Infectious Materials Including HIV-1, Tuberculosis & HBV
Cleans    Disinfects    Deodorizes
These kits fully comply with OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.1030, Final Rule and are recommended for clean-up of blood and other body fluid spills. They provide protection from exposure to blood pathogens and other potentially infectious materials. All testing is done in 10% blood serum and 1000 ppm hard water. Call your local distributor for more information on our Personal Protection Kits and our complete line of Emergency Spill Kits for accidental oil, acid and caustic spills and spill control products.

Emergency Spill Kits

Products for Spill Response:

Dikes Warning Tape
Absorbent Pillows First Aid Kit
Dri-Zorb Spill Identifier
AM-1216 Response Guide Book
Tyvek Suit w/Hood & Boots Acid Neutralizer
Resistant Goggles Caustic Neutralizer
Respirator w/Filter 6 Gallon Empty Weather Proof Container
Resistant Gloves 30 Gallon Empty Weather Proof Container
Spill Disposal Bags 55 Gallon Empty Weather Proof Container
Spill Control Pallet 85 Gallon Empty Over Pack Weather
Proof Container
Magnetic Drain Mat
Non Sparking Shovel Extra Large Mobile Response Unit


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